Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tribute: to Greta

You always remember your first(s).

The first time you rode a bike.
Your first day of school.
Your first crush.

The first time you get behind the wheel of a car.
The first time you leave home.
Maybe even the first time you tried sushi.

And for animal lovers and pet owners, you always remember your first pet.

Pet. I hate the word. It's completely not equivalent to the animal's being and importance in the owner's life. Because anyone who opens their home and hearts to an animal, knows their dog, cat, rabbit, snake, or even bird becomes so much more than just a "pet"... they become a member of your family.

Meet Greta.

Greta Dorsett was a lovable Golden Retriever. She was born on February 5, 1997 and graced the Dorsett family with her presence around April of that year. She was a gift from my parents to Brittany, Brandon and I as we patiently waited for a dog, ever since we knew what a dog was.

You see, I had a bit of a different childhood than most...

I was blessed with a talented father who played Major League Baseball and due to family travels to and from the great ballparks of America, it didn't make sense to have a dog when we were always on the go.

But being the wonderful parents, Brian and Gina Dorsett are, they promised their children that when my dad retired from baseball we would get a puppy. So in the Spring of '97 when my dad decided to hang up his cleats, we did just that... we got Greta (-:

It was apparent from the beginning, that Greta wasn't a gift to us kids, she was a gift to our whole family. She graced us with an unexplainable love in an extremely bittersweet time in our lives and we were so thankful for her. She was the joy of my youth and the first thing I've seen for the past 15 years and 9 months when I walked through the garage door to my home. There was rarely a time her tail wasn't wagging and it goes without saying she would have totally been voted Prom Queen if there was a doggy high school.

Sure, she couldn't do many tricks and her fear of storms and fireworks even cost my parents a couple home improvement projects, but boy could she love. She had a personality that could light up a room, she was a curvaceous Goddess that loved nothing more than table scraps and treats, which I shamelessly gave her too much of, but how could you turn down that face?

She wasn't a huge fan of exercise, but when she was young she would never turn down a walk with someone she loved or an opportunity to prance around the neighborhood.

She had great hair. Thick, soft and the most beautiful shade of strawberry blonde. I know this in detail because I wore it to school everyday, but I didn't care... I loved her anyway.

She was brave. She put up a great fight to ignore the storms of the Midwest, but failed miserably every time. But she tried, and that's all that mattered! She was the epitome of a first born "child", because we all know first born kids and/or dogs are the bravest in the family, right? (-;

She loved living. Despite her daily medicine intake, she somehow managed to outlive two family dogs that came after her, Princess Holly and angel pup Wrigley.

And while she was a million other things, in sum she was a priceless gift.

She was the joy of the Dorsett household, the joy of the two neighborhoods she lived in, and lastly, the joy of our hearts for nearly 16 years. We were blessed to have had her this long, and while we would have loved to see her reach another Birthday, sometimes you just know when it's time.

Today was Greta's time...

I knew it was coming, but honestly nothing can prepare you for the day it actually happens. I rest a little bit easier knowing Holly, Wrigley and her boyfriend Scoobi will be there to greet her at Heaven's gates, and I look forward to the day I hear that tail wagging and see her sweet smile again.

Greta girl, you were SO loved and will remain fondly remembered and sweetly missed.

I'll never forget you.

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