Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Motto: BE BRAVE

Before I moved to Chicago in May, I had some reservations. I think it's normal for a woman who moves to a city of three million... who grew up in a city of 57,000. I was finally leaving my comfort zone, the "Indiana bubble". Yes I know I just moved a state over, but leaving my family, friends and my beloved Hoosier state wasn't exactly a peach. Although, I knew in my heart that Chicago was where I had wanted to be for so long. When I told my family about my career opportunity they were thrilled, supportive and couldn't wait for me to begin my next chapter in life. While others clouded my mind with thoughts like, "O' Chicago? But it's so big, it's so unsafe, it's full of city slickers". My response, "Yup, Bring it on!"

Sure they daily news scares me on a day to day basis, ya there are HUGE creeps on the El but it's nothing a full can of pepper spray can't handle. Bottom line-- suck it up people, grow a pair-- BE BRAVE. Go where you want to want to go, do what you want to do even if 10 chirping birds are telling you something different. Along with my new motto in life, I just purchased a necklace by a Chicago jewelry designer I have become obsessed with, Jess LC. Her collections are beautiful, simple and inexpensive. Check out my latest purchase to accompany my new life's motto.

"Be Brave" 
in braille

Braille is near and dear to my heart. As a proud Delta Gamma Alum our philanthropy was Service for Sight Aid to the Blind. During my time at Butler University I had the privilege of volunteering and getting to know many wonderful people at the Indiana School for the Blind. It was there where I really became to value something that many take for granted everyday, sight. When I wear this necklace it will just be a daily reminder of my new life's motto and to not take for granted life's blessings.

Happy Day

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Want to be a Groupie?

You can! My company, Groupon is hiring!

Check out the jobs here and see if you're a match

Saturday, September 11, 2010

MAKEUP LOVE: Laura Mercier

Want flawless skin? Two words: Laura Mercier

Yesterday, my bestie and I headed to our new favorite cosmetic store in Chicago, Blue Mercury for a Laura Mercier make-over. We both went in with the intentions of buying one or two of our favorite items... WRONG! From the flawless foundation, natural eye liner and shades, and stunning lip colors we both left with a blue bag of goodies (well purchased of course). I think as you get older it is important to preserve your skin from SPF moisturizer to oil free foundation and these are just some of the items that need to be on your NEED list rather than WANT list. Check out some of the must-haves I bought yesterday. O' and start planning your next trip to your closest Laura Mercier provider.

My shade: Honey Beige

Want "dewey skin" here you go!

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF: Warm Radiance

All foundation should be applied with Laura Mercier sponges

Flat Eye Liner Brush should be applied with the liner below:

My Shade: Bleu Marine (really brings out my Green eyes)

Satinee Creme Eye Colour: Pink Chiffon

Eye Shadow Luster Eye Colour in African Violet (it looks really purple, but its gorgeous and very natural!)

Lip Glace Shade: Pink Tuelle

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pizza Pizza!

Deep dish, flat bread, pan, thin, homemade, drive through, carry in, carry out... Chicago's Got. It. All! After my move here in May, I knew I would have to find out for myself which Pizza was MY fav. So here's my list!

1. BEST Deep Dish = Lou Malnati's

2. BEST Flatbread Oven Pizza = Pizza Rustica

I don't have a picture of this pizza, but take my word for it and GO! O' and it's BYOB...

BEST Thin Crust Pizza = Pizanos

Best Pan Pizza = Pequods

BEST Homemade/to go = Homemade Pizza Co

Best Cheap Eats = Joes's Bar (Half Price Pizza's every Tuesday and they are HUGE!)

Now, come visit me and we can dine together!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Coming Soon!

My detailed guide on how I've gained 5 lbs this summer (deliciously of course)

Two words: Chicago Pizza

until tomorrow...