Thursday, August 26, 2010

O' Love...

The old saying is that when you are a romantic you are normally coined as a "hopeless romantic" and for years I identified myself as this. I'd watch all the sappy chick flicks, read every Nicholas Sparks' book and watched Pretty Woman on repeat. But I've dropped the label I've carried with me for so long. Think about it--how pathetic does "hopeless romantic" sound? I mean who out there is really hopeless? So I'm switching it up and in turn simply holding out HOPE for endLESS romance. Julia Roberts said it best in Pretty Woman, " I want the FAIRY TALE." While many would argue that fairy tales simply don't exist in 2010 due to the divorce rate at an all-time high, people might imagine that my likelihood in capturing the Cinderella story isn't quite in the cards. But I flat out disagree. I've known what love is my whole life. How you ask? Because of my parents. After 26 years of marriage I've never seen a couple more in love. Sure they've had ups and downs, but their subtle gestures, their unselfish acts of kindness and their devotion to our family are unmarked. I once asked my mom the key to their success and she answered, "Abby, never go to bed angry." While every couple's story is different, I'm anxiously anticipating the unraveling of my own and if it involves a pumpkin shape carriage, BRING IT ON.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Groupon Picnic

I love Groupon for many reasons, but I'll just name a few:

1. I'm pretty sure my co-workers are all the coolest kids in town
2. I never think of my job as "work"
3. We have super rad company outings where we travel in double decker buses
5. I've made the best of friends
4. My CEO was on the cover of Forbes Magazine
5. O' and we are the fastest growing internet company, EVER.

Welcome to the good life.

Last but not least: the open bar (-: