Monday, September 12, 2011

An apology... [ to my beloved Chicago(ians) ]

to Chicago...

I am sorry.
I am sorry for running off every weekend. 
I am sorry that as of late, I only see your beautiful skyline from the corner of my rearview mirror, or from the 8x10 window I peer out of from my aisle seat. 
I am sorry.
I am sorry for not showing face at Castaways,
 for only catching three Cubs games,
and for only shutting down Beaumont's twice.
I am sorry. 

... and to my Chicago(ians)

I miss you.
I miss our family dinners.
I miss our bottomless bloody mary/mimosa brunches on Sunday's.
I miss our Saturday morning texts which always included three choices, "North Ave.? Fullerton beach?or maybe a rooftop?" 
I miss you.
I miss too many people to name.
 I miss your smiles, 
your sweet, sweet souls,
and your name popping up on my phone Friday-Sunday cause you know I'm out runnin' again.
I miss you.

So this is just a little note of reassurance. 
Come October, our little long distance love fest will subside. It's been a wild ride and one of the best Summer's to date, but you Chicago make it easy to come HOME.

So here's to Fall... 
to year 24.
to Bears' games (or at least the tailgating part),
to a new apartment,
to extra large hoodies,
and to shutting down Beaumont's more than necessary.

I can't wait to rekindle our little love affair.

until then....

peace. love. and chicago