Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blast from the Past: Christmas memories

So it's Saturday night and weirdly enough, I was craving a night in. So here I am sitting in what looks quite similar to Santa's workshop thinking about all the Holiday shopping I have yet to do. I've made my list, checked it twice and tomorrow it's time to get down to business! But in the midst of making my shopping list, I've entered a state of nostalgia.  This is my 23rd Christmas season and while the memory of each year fades from time to time, there are few Christmas mornings I'll never forget.

One memory/tradition that my family partakes in each year starts on Christmas morning. Every year, my mom comes around the house and rings 'Christmas bells'. It's her way of telling us... "Get outta bed, cause Santa came and it's time to do some damage." So in record time, my siblings and I would jump out of bed, wait at the top of the stairs for my Dad to start the video camera and for my mom to position everything downstairs. Shortly after (although it felt like eternity) we would get our cue, "Ok kids, it looks as if Santa came!" The sound of my mom saying this will forever be burned into my brain and when Brittany, Brandon and I heard those words, all chaos broke loose. The tradition gives me chills just thinking about it-- and still at 23 years-old (my siblings are 21) we participate in this tradition. Sure Santa is now identified as Brian and Gina Dorsett and the toys and games have now been replaced with J Crew sweaters and cash, but the moment I hear, "Kids, Santa came.." I light up just as I did at 10 years-old.

Another memory that sticks out was when I began to discover who might be playing Santa. I was in 1st or 2nd grade and had asked for this elaborate china/dish set (playing 'House' was my speciality). Low and behold, the China set I asked for was waiting for me on Christmas morning. I was thrilled, but one thing I wasn't thrilled about was the sticker on the bottom of a plate, "MADE IN CHINA." I was flabbergasted and utterly confused. My parents aced their parental reaction and said, "Wow Abby, Santa must have made a special stop for you in China!" I agreed that Santa must have known how special I was and that it was only fitting that my 'China set' came from China. I still give props to my Mom and Dad on that one. I kept believing in the white bearded man for at least another year or two (-:

Ah, there are so many great memories of this Holiday season and wayyy to many to name, but I encourage each and every one of you to take an hour, turn on some Christmas music and venture down memory lane... guarantee it will be an hour well spent.

Happy Holidays,


  1. What a great story! Your parents have a lovely sense of humor! I can't wait for Christmas and presents time :-) xoxooxxoo

  2. Thanks girly.. I love your blogs! Merry Christmas and enjoy the festivities (-: xo