Sunday, June 20, 2010

A very special day-- May 8, 2010

Everyone remembers their high school or college graduation. The graduation hymn is sung as your parade to your seat, camera's flash and your family proudly shouts your name. The ceremony begins and the anxious feeling sets as you sit in your chair and wait for the nano second to approach when they call your name. Ah, success. Well, it came and it went-- and I was so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends, plus one surprise visit by the name of, Louis Vuitton. Check out these priceless pictures-- needless to say, I was in SHOCK.

From here, it took me five minutes to even open the bag. Not to mention I screamed bloody murder in one of the nicest steak houses in Indianapolis, Harry and Izzy's

and there she is, ah.... I can die a happy woman