Friday, April 23, 2010

I have an addiction

to pizza shells. Many of you in the Indy area might be familiar with the low-key pizzeria called Greeks Pizzeria. Nestled right in to the culture filled neighborhood of Broad Ripple, Greek's is sure to please every taste bud known to man. The delicious bread sticks and pepperoni pizza shells (a.k.a calzones) come slathered in Greek's famous garlic paste and will literally give you an "O" at the table. I'm not joking; this place is that good. And as an Italian, I've experienced some great pizza. From corner shops in Rome to Chicago's Giordano's deep dish pizza-- I'd put Greeks up against anyone. So next time you are in the "feed me" mode-- go to Greek's. I guarantee you'll leave one happy camper.

 Also located in Muncie, IN - Fishers, IN - Indy's Southside 

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